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A Better Banana

Bananas are the country’s number one selling produce item, but not all bananas are grown equally. The GROW label bananas sold here at the Co-op are not only certified organic but help support the communities in which they are grown. Since 2005, GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) has provided education and health opportunities for banana workers and their families that help lift them from the chain of poverty. 

Through programs in Mexico and Ecuador, funds from the purchase of GROW bananas have provided:

  • Student registration fees and supplies
  • School uniforms
  • Transportation for students
  • Tutoring/multi-purpose facility
  • Leadership and business training for micro-businesses
  • Dental clinics
  • Vision clinics
  • Student housing
  • Homework assistance

You’ll only find GROW label Organic bananas at Chico Natural Foods Cooperative.