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Food Bank Donations

The Co-op is proud to debut a new partnership with the North State Food Bank. Our relationship with NSFB began earlier this year, when we pledged to donate all unredeemed Patronage Dividend rebates to the Food Bank. We also made it easy for owners to donate their own portion of the Dividend to supporting this vital organization. Now, we are rolling out another way for our owners to join in the struggle against food insecurity in California’s North State.

The next time you are checking out at the register, you will have the option of donating $10 or $20 worth of food to the NSFB. Our team has constructed a bag of groceries for each donation level.

A $10 donation buys the Food Bank an organic breakfast bag containing:

          -Bob’s Redmill Organic High Fiber Pancake Mix
          -Country Choice Organic Rolled Oats
          -Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Spread
          -Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce


A $20 donation purchases a lunch and dinner bag:

          -Bionaturae Organic Spaghetti
          -Field Day Organic Vegetable Broth
          -Field Day Organic Kidney Beans
          -Field Day Organic Marinara Sauce
          -Field Day Organic Italian Dressing
          - Field Day Organic Crackers
          -R.W. Knudsen Organic Apple Juice
          -Woodstock Organic Mayo
          -Two Cans Natural Value Tuna Fish



Why donate through the Co-op?

When you buy a bag of organic groceries through this program, you are buying it at the cost the Co-op paid for it. We don’t make any profit from the purchase, and we donate the cost of the labor involved in ordering, stocking, and preparing the food for delivery to the Food Bank. Donating through us is the single most cost effective way to get high-quality, organic food to the NSFB.

What happens after donation?

Every week, we tally up the number of donations purchased by our customers. Our buyers order the items, and Food Bank volunteers come by regularly to pick up the cases donated by Co-op customers. We’ll keep this up until the end of the year.

We hope you’ll join CNFC in providing organic food for our neighbors in need this holiday season.

If you have any questions about this program, e-mail our Ownership and Outreach Coordinator, Joey Haney, at

Learn more about the North State Food Bank here: