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Angel Chocolate Company

“Pure love is the base of everything”. So says Richard Helmsey, the local artisan behind the irresistible Angel Chocolate Company. Pure Love is also the name of his simplest, most universally beloved product: raw Ecuadorian cacao paste, wild flower honey, cacao butter, Himalayan sea salt, and Tahitian Vanilla bean are all combined to create a delicious, beguilingly uncomplicated raw chocolate bark. Helmsey adds rich, natural ingredients to his Pure Love to make other toothsome delights: the singular “Olive the Thyme!” bar includes Bojia olives and dried thyme to create an utterly unique flavor experience, while his “88 Almonds” is an exceptional take on the classic combination of almonds and chocolate. New varieties of the Angel Chocolates come out periodically, so keep an eye out for new ways to feel the Love.