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Introducing HowGood

The Co-op recently submitted our entire store’s inventory to the research firm HowGood. HowGood thoroughly evaluates products and then informs consumers about the food they purchase. They consider 77 different aspects of a product, ranging from greenhouse gas emissions to labor relations to growing practices, before determining the total worthiness of a product. Products judged to be in the top 25%, 15%, and 5% of all food produced in the U.S.A. are labelled as “Good”, “Great”, and “Best”, respectively.

Educated consumers are the lifeblood of the Co-op. The Co-op is certainly a reflection of its ownership, and we strive to offer options for every shopper.  The growing complexity of our food system and the plethora of specialty diets can sometimes confuse even the best educated eater. Our partnership with the HowGood corporation can simplify product evaluation for the shopper.

Next time you are in the store, take a look at the HowGood labels that Co-op staff attached to the store’s shelves. Items without a label have either not yet been evaluated, or are rank in the bottom 75% of products examined by HowGood.

Our partnership with HowGood is another way that we are realizing Cooperative Principle #5: Education, Training, and Information. HowGood’s dedicated research staff and outstanding depth of information will aid the Co-op in empowering our owners to make the best possible decisions about how to feed themselves and their families. To learn more, you can visit HowGood’s website, download their app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store, or contact Bri Saseen, our Sustainability and Facilities Manager.