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2013 Heirloom Expo


We sent Kevin, Bryan, and Tyler from our produce team to the 3rd Annual Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa earlier this week so we can continue to stay informed about what decisions are best when it comes to what we carry in our produce department.

They saw some speakers, met countless new (and old) varieties of tomatos and squash, and rubbed elbows with friends from Co-ops all around California. 

The panels they attended focused mainly on the current situation regarding GMOs in agriculture.  We know that GMOs in food is an issue that many of our owners and customers care deeply about, so it’s important to us that we continue to stay educated on the topic, and make every effort to keep our products free of GMOs until proper labeling is in place. Here at the Co-op we’ve developed a specific policy on how we are handling GMO products, and we’ll be rolling that out next month for you all to see. October is Non-GMO month, so we’ve got some other exciting stuff to show you as well. Stay tuned!


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