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Ownership Drive Results

You, the Co-op owners, are the life blood and guiding force of the store. Your purchasing decisions, requests, and requirements are what determines the content of our shelves, the direction of our donations, and the future of our organization. An enthusiastic, engaged body of owners makes for a healthy, thriving Co-op. With all that in mind, the Co-op staff challenged itself in the month of May to succeed at an Ownership drive. 

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2015 Artist Series T-shirts

The Co-op is proud to announce new T-shirts designed by local artist, Zoe Hungate. Our Chico community is brimming with local artists and artisans, and we love to partner with them. The Co-op's Artist Series shirt is a great way to own a unique artwork from a one-of-a-kind local artist.
Hungate's incredible talent, love of nature, and deep roots in Chico make her an ideal candidate for our first official participating artist.  We asked her a few questions about herself and the art she created for the Co-op’s owners..

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2015 Farmer Meeting

The meeting was the result of several months of hard work by the Co-op Produce department. After consulting with other Northern California cooperatives, our team realized what needed to be done to improve our already excellent local produce program: we needed to bring together as many organic and sustainable area farmers as possible under one roof and plan the agricultural year together.

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