Become An Owner

            Be a part of your community.

What does it mean to be an Owner?

A co-op is owned by the people who use it and operates for the benefit of its owners and community. Consumer cooperatives are very different from privately owned "discount clubs," which charge annual fees in exchange for a discount on purchases. The "club" is not owned or governed by the "members" and the profits of the business go to the investors, not to the members. At the Co-op, instead of a fee, there is purchase of shares (or paying into an equity investment). These investments allow the Co-op to expand its inventory, make improvements, finance operations, and minimize debts. The members own the business and the profits belong to the community.

There are more reasons to join CNFC than just economic benefits! As a part of our co-op you support a marketplace for healthy and wholesome products, a source of information regarding the natural foods industry, the promotion of our local economy, and much more! Feel good about supporting a business fueled by the needs and requests of the community it serves.

There’s no risk in investing; your shares are fully refundable. There is a minimum investment of $20.00 for 1 year and a maximum of $300.00 to be fully invested.



Anyone can shop here, but why miss out on the owner benefits?

Co-ops are a place where everyone is welcome. While you don't have to be an owner to shop, it's easy and fun to join. Best of all, you'll feel good sharing in the bounty of a business that will be locally owned forever, a business with integrity that supports the local community and at the same time builds connections with our local growers. Below are some of the many benefits of being an owner of Chico Natural Foods Cooperative.

  • Own The Co-op! Join the Board of Directors, vote in elections, and share in the store's profits!
  • Patronage Dividends: Each year, the Co-op distributes a portion of its profits back to its owners. Patronage dividends are given based on a proportion of profit made by the business. Once this amount is determined, the dividend is calculated according to how much each owner has spent during that fiscal year at the Co-op.
  • Monthly 20% Off Deals: In addition to sales prices available to all shoppers, every month, CNFC managers choose 20 items from around the store and shrink their price by 20%. Only for owners!
  • Case Discount: Owners receive a 10% case discount on all pre-ordered cases (excluding sale items).
  • Owner Discount Cards:  Owners may use their discount cards to receive 10% off two purchases each year.
  • Economic Assistance: Owners already enrolled in other need-based financial aid programs (such as Cal-Fresh, WIC or Medi-Cal) may be eligible to receive an additional 5% discount on all items purchased from the Co-op!
  • No Risk:  All of your shares are fully refundable at any time.


How to Join

Joining Chico Natural Foods Cooperative is easy! Simply submit an Ownership Application to a cashier and make your first purchase of Owner Equity Shares ranging from $20.00-$300.00. Applications and Renewal Forms are available at each of the cash registers in the Co-op.

If you have any questions regarding ownership at CNFC, please contact our Ownership and Outreach Coordinator, Joey Haney, at or (530)891-1713 ex. 110