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Q3 Bag Token Program

The Co-op is pleased as punch to announce the two local non-profits that we are partnering with for the Bag Token program this quarter!

From the Ground Up Farms


"From The Ground Up is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Butte County residents by providing fresh, healthy organically grown produce to those in need and to the kitchens that serve in economically challenged areas. Better nutrition leads to better performance, and better performance leads to more healthy and prosperous lives. We install community gardens and teach gardening/nutrition education. Our gardens donate everything for free to food programs/pantries. 

Can’t you just imagine every food box containing fresh produce? We can and we are doing something about it! We have community gardens in various neighborhoods, vegetarian daycare's, elementary schools, residential facilities for folks with mental illness and even the Torres Shelter. Then we follow the gardens with workshops on anything from gardening, cooking, nutrition, etc. We are even about to start educational workshops with Butte County Juvenile Probation's garden in Oroville. "


G.R.U.B. Education Program


GRUB Education Program is rooted in bringing hands-on learning experiences to both kids & adults in the community. GRUB focuses on growing, preserving, preparing, and gleaning food.  GRUB Ed also is developing a tool lending library in addition to its already established zero waste events rental program.

2015 Artist Series T-shirts

The Co-op is proud to announce new T-shirts designed by local artist, Zoe Hungate. Our Chico community is brimming with local artists and artisans, and we love to partner with them. The Co-op's Artist Series shirt is a great way to own a unique artwork from a one-of-a-kind local artist.
Hungate's incredible talent, love of nature, and deep roots in Chico make her an ideal candidate for our first official participating artist.  We asked her a few questions about herself and the art she created for the Co-op’s owners..

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