Sustainable Food Trade Association

CNFC is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Along with our neighbors at Lundberg Farms, and dozens of other businesses and organizations at all levels of the organic food supply chain, we have signed a declaration as a commitment to practices that ensure future generations a chance to enjoy life on this planet. Each year, we will be publishing a report on our progress in the 11 categories of sustainability.

For more information on the SFTA, please visit their website.
Click here to read the Declaration of Sustainability in the Organic Food Trade.

2012 Sustainability Report


Zero Waste

CNFC collaborates with Waste ManagementG.R.U.B. Cooperative Compost Program, andUNFI to work toward our goal of zero-waste.

Chico Natural Foods Co-op currently


·         Cardboard

·         Plastic bags

·         Plastic wrap/ Shrink wrap

·         Bubble wrap

·         1-7 plastics

·         CRV glass

·         Tin/Aluminum

·         Waxed/Shelf-stable cartons

·         Paper

·         Batteries

·         Light bulbs

·         Printer Cartridges



·         Unbleached napkins and paper towels

·         Food waste (dairy, meat, fruits/vegetables, grains, coffee grounds, tea bags)

·         Plant-starch utensils

·         The bulk department’s cellophane bags

·         Coffee stir sticks

·         Coffee filters



·         Edible food, that’s been pulled from our shelves, to Food Not Bombs

·         Packing Peanuts to a local shipping business


CNFC recognizes that current recycling practices are better described as “downcycling,” and  only slow a material’s trip from production to waste.  We are seeking systemic changes in what we purchase, where it comes from, and how we retail it to address this problem.  For more information see this article.

View a recycling guide to Butte County here.

Please contact our Sustainability Manager, Bri Sasseen at with any questions about Sustainability at CNFC!