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Joey Haney

Brand Coordinator
(530) 891-1713 x110

Joey Haney started out as a new-born baby in Chicago, Illinois.  At the tender age of four, he accompanied his family to Southern Indiana's balmy Ohio River Valley.  After an uneventful childhood, and thoroughly typical adolescence, he achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric and Writing from Ball State University (alma mater of David Letterman, Jim "Garfield" Davis, and "Papa" John Schnatter).  After living at home for a year after graduation, Joey and Michael "Sandwiches" Nalin decided to move to California.  After deciding that Arcata was too cold, San Francisco too expensive, and Redding just not quite right, Joey ended up living in Chico.  He is quite sure that he made the right decision.

Over the years, Joey has worked as: a stocker in a children's library, a media researcher, an administrative assistant, an art model, a paralegal, a hod-carrier, a grocery store cashier, a court-runner for a law firm, a test subject for experimental pharmaceuticals, a letter-gatherer for the failed Clean Energy Act, a canvasser for PG&E's CARE program, and a laborer in a window factory, among other things.

Joey spends as much time as possible outdoors.  He never ceases to marvel at the natural beauty of Northern California, and has made it a personal goal to see as much of the area as he can.  When you see him in the store, please feel free to pull him aside and share new hiking/camping/adventure spots.