The road to relocation is a long and winding one. The Co-op’s Board of Directors and Management Team, with consultation from National Cooperative Grocers and a local commercial real-estate agent, have been working to move the store into a building and location that can better serve our customers and community. Luckily other Co-ops like our own have successfully moved into bigger and better facilities recently and are providing valuable insights and support. We’ve also used owner insights and feedback to develop an extensive set of criteria with which we have been evaluating potential new sites for your Co-op. We have taken great care to ensure that this process has been done in the most conscientious, well thought out manner possible; there is no higher priority than ensuring the continued success and health of the Co-op. As yet no location has met our requirements in an acceptable timeframe. We are continuing to pursue all options, but having not yet found new accommodations, the Co-op has renewed our lease at 818 Main Street through 2020.

The Co-op’s continued growth is limited by the size of the current building. We know you want us to offer more fresh produce, more prepared food, and more organic products than is currently possible. You want meeting spaces where local groups can convene and our community’s teachers can share their wisdom. You want new floors and a larger, more accessible parking lot.  We want to share the cooperative model of a community-owned, democratic business with more people than ever before.

We want to follow your lead. Please share with us your dreams, visions, and goals for the Co-op. You own this store, and we want it to be your ideal business for the next three years and the next thirty. Let your voice be heard:

·         Write comment cards at the front of the store,

·         Email the Board:, and

·         Attend Board meetings, held from 6:00 – 8:30pm on the last Wednesday of every month at the Co-op Office Annex at 829 Main Street (across from the store).

While you do that, we’ll be taking notes, selling food, and working hard to give the present the future it deserves.

We did it! The amendment passed a resounding 121 yes to 9 no. The BOD and Co-op Management are now working to sell Investment Shares to help finance the relocation.  In order to offer Investment Shares, the Co-op owners voted in a special election to change the Co-op's Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.  The Special Election took place August 24th - September 7th, 2016. Click here to learn more about the Bylaws Amendment.

By offering owner investment opportunities such as Investment Shares, the Co-op will reduce the the need to borrow and pay higher interest rates, and also provide our owners with an opportunity to directly invest in their community and local business! Click here to learn more about Investment Shares.

Once we have the financing available, all that is left to do is secure a location and renovate it to fit our needs!  Please see the frequently asked questions on the right. 


Where are you moving?
The Co-op’s Board and Management are still in the process of searching for a new location. As this is a very delicate process, we can’t share all the potential sites until we are closer to making a decision.

When are you moving?
Our current lease expires in 2020. We are actively looking for a workable location.

Why are you moving?
The Co-op has experienced phenomenal growth in the last five years. Our owners want more from the Co-op than ever before: more products, more services, and more space. A new location will allow us to better serve our community, and to support even more local producers. 

What are you looking for in a new location?
We are looking for a position which allows us to continue serving our existing community of shoppers while increasing accessibility to the rest of Chico. We want more space, improved parking, and a bigger building.

I have an idea, question, concern, or suggestion. How do I communicate that to you?
There are several ways you can make your voice heard! You can e-mail our General Manager, Liza Tedesco, or the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors also holds open meetings. All meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month in the offices of the League of Women Voters, located at 635 Flume Street,  from 5:30-8:30 pm.