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Center Store Assistant Manager
Uriel Viramontes, ext. 120

Receiving Specialist
Cho Yang, ext. 121

Center Store Specialist
Brenden Price, ext. 127

Produce Specialist
Kevin Durkin, ext. 128

Kitchen Production Supervisor
Delisa Freistadt, ext. 117

Kitchen Specialist
Michael Nalin, ext. 117

Ownership and Outreach Coordinator
Joey Haney, ext. 110

IT Coordinator
Kellan Reagan, ext. 202

General Manager
Liza Tedesco, ext. 111

Operations Director
Alissa Ziemianski, ext. 123

Sustainability and Facilities Manager
Bri Saseen, ext. 209

Marketing Director
Dylan Tellesen, ext. 125

Human Resources Director
Holly Riggs, ext. 124

Center Store Manager
John Campbell, ext. 114

Deli Manager
SaraJean Weller, ext. 129

Retail Support and Promotions Coordinator
Brian Alpert, ext. 115